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  1. Goodies Salmon Marine Cartilage Collagen Deluxe Bars
    Goodies Salmon Marine Cartilage Collagen Deluxe Bars
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Dog Meat Treats:

Delicious and Long-Lasting Dog Treats & Chews.

Dog Meat Treats - There are many ways to show your pet how much you love him. One way is by providing delicious and healthy dog treats. Having a natural inclination to please, dogs love to be praised, which is why it's important that they be rewarded with healthy dog treats. Healthy dog treats can also add variety to your dog's diet. Shake Hands knows just how much meat treats are enjoyed by dogs and hence has a special collection of all meat treats and chews. Meat treats also provide a natural, satisfying chew for your dog. Pets also enjoy the strips of steak or chicken breast jerky which provide novel proteins in your pet's diet. Find delicious cuts of dried meat, flavorful fillets, jerky strips, and other meaty, grain-free treats. Shake Hands provides a wide range of dog meat treats and chews from a variety of brands. The key featured brands are Kennel, a wide range of JerHigh products and Orijen. Other brands stocked include Basil, Chip Chop, Chomp, Dogaholic, Doggie Dabbas, Drools Chew Wacca, Endi, Gnawlers, Goodies, Hoggers, Pedigree, Prama, Rena, Super Bite