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Fetch And Tug Toys :

To Keep Your Pet Physically Active<.

Dogs love to run, chase, catch, fetch and tug, and if you don’t provide them with suitable toys, they may well find something you’d rather wasn’t mauled. Hence, it’s important to buy some strong and sturdy toys for your pet to play fetch with. Fetch and tug toys are a great way to interact with your pet and they encourage exercise in a fun, positive way. Fetch and tug dog toys are also a great way for your pet to expend some of his energy. Choose from our wide range of dog toys at Shake Hands for fun, bonding moments with your pet. Basil, Gigwi, Kennel, Kong, Naughty Pet, Petsport, Pet Brands, Outward Hound, Speedy Pet, West Paw are just some of the key brands stocked at Shake Hands.