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Cat Trees,

Scratchers And Boards.

Cat Trees - Shop at Shake Hands to find cat scratchers, trees, boards that allows your cat or kitten to climb and claw for some frisky fun! Scratching is a cat's natural instinct. It is how they mark their territory and sharpen their claws. Offering them cat scratchers, trees or boards is a preferred alternative as compared to them clawing on your furniture. At Shake Hands, you’ll find a wide selection of modern cat furniture, trees, scratchers and boards for your furry friend to enjoy. Cat furniture is a staple for many cat owners. Trees with multi-level structures are ideal for more adventurous cats who love to climb. The hideaways they provide are perfect for cats who like to observe their environment from a secure enclosure. They also provide snug spots for the cats to curl up in for a nap or groom. Trees are also a great choice for multi-cat households as they provide your pets a space to play together, or rest separately depending on their mood. Cat scratchers and boards are an important feature to have in any cat household. Cats scratch for several reasons, sometimes to mark territory or relieve stress, and sometimes as a matter of grooming and keeping uncomfortable skin off their claws. Cat scratchers or boards can help keep your feline from clawing on expensive furniture or curtains and give them a spot to call their own. Shop at Shake Hands to find the perfect trees, boards and scratchers to give your kitty a space of their own.