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Pedigree has been in the market over 80 years. Their dedication goes into every product they make, and they strive to develop great quality, nutritious products that'll help to keep dogs of all breeds and ages happy and healthy. Pedigree range explores different variety and flavours. Pedigree Dry : It is the 100% complete and balanced food, Pedigree dry has fibre to help support good digestive health and the individual 'kibbles' of food help to sustain good over all health. Pedigree wet : It is the complete and balanced wet food, which contain less calories per gram than the average dry food, and so can help to maintain a healthy body weight. Pedigree dentaStix and meat jerky is scientifically proven to reduce tartar by up to 80% when fed as part of a regular oral care regime. Pedigree Professional : Delivering expert nutrition for adult dogs prone to becoming overweight, the Pedigree professional Range of weight management offers 20% less fat per meal among other features.
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